Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Ones Back Home

Two months ago, on Aug. 11, one-day-old Nkamoheleng arrived in TTL's care.

Her 18-year-old mother had died during delivery in the family's remote rondaval. Nkamoheleng had consumed nothing but small amounts of water since her birth. She was 2.4 kg, or just about 5.3 pounds.

Today, Nkamoheleng went home to live with her grandmother. She looks healthy and coos gently. Her pretty round face glows. She is now 5.1 kg, or more than 11 pounds. She is a wonderful example of TTL's strength in care -- even for babies so very young.

When I first wrote about Nkamoheleng coming to TTL, I wrote that, "In so many ways, the immensity of need here in Mokhotlong is wrapped up in Nkamoheleng's story," and hoped that "the rhythm of TTL success will soon resound there as well."

Now, two months later, it resounds quite loudly.

In addition to Nkamoheleng, little Refiloe went home today as well.

Refiloe arrived here one month ago, on Sept. 10, after her mother sadly died in delivery as well -- a too common occurrence in this country.

Refiloe will go to her maternal grandmother, still small at 2.65 kg, or about 5.9 pounds, but healthy enough to live with her family with the support of TTL outreach.

The departure of the two young girls leaves us with six babies in the safe-home.

Paballo and Boraki are starting to move around independently more and more, which is fun to watch.

Retsepile, after being so ill in the hospital so recently, is doing better but is still not out of the woods. His condition is so severe that he won't be for a while.

Still, he is smiling often and is much more engaged in general.

Dr. Chris, of the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative, came by today and saw Retsepile, as well as Nthabiseng, who has a cough, and Mpho, who still has skin problems. He tweaked all of their treatments and care plans, which I'm confident will help.

As for Nkamoheleng and Refiloe, now that TTL has helped them through the tragic start to their young lives, I hope they will thrive.

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