Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keeping Tiny Lives Safe

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites…GERMS!  They abound everywhere.
We’ve all had those days of red, running noses, fevers, running
tummies and a general feeling of wanting to sleep the hours away
rather than chance moving even our little finger.  Many of us don’t
give germs too much thought.  They come.  They go.  We move on when
they do.

For the infants and children at TTL, germs can pose a very large risk.
What might result in a day of rest for you and me can result in a
life and death struggle for the little bodies already weakened by
malnutrition and other co-morbid conditions.  In an effort to mitigate
this daily challenge of keeping little lives healthy, TTL is embarking
on designing and implementing a comprehensive infection control
policy.  We are looking at our current practices and determining what
actions promote health, what actions inhibit health and how we can
improve our practices.  We know change takes a lot of time and effort, but smiles on healthy
faces makes all the work worthwhile!


Jennifer Baker, a former Swaziland Peace Corps Volunteer and professional Nurse from the US, is working with TTL over the next month to support us in ensuring TTL is providing the best possible care to the vulnerable children we support.

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