Friday, January 31, 2014

Twins In, Twins Out

If good things come in pairs, are two sets of twins a pair of pairs and twice as good?

This week in the Safe Home, we said goodbye to Tlallo and Ntlalleng, who have been with us since October 2013. When this brother-sister set arrived, they were suffering from acute malnutrition and very delayed in reaching developmental milestones. After three months, they are sitting, laughing, working up to a crawl, and noticeably chubbier!
Tlallo sitting with one of the Bo'me
Ntlalleng testing out the new Bumbo
Compare their astounding progress, now at 9 months old, with a different set of twins. Teboho and Liteboho are 17 months old, but about half the size of their counterparts.

Such comparisons are common in the Safe Home. The staff working day and night to care for these most vulnerable babies pay close attention to the specific needs of each child. Little by little, the Tebohos and Litebohos grow to be like Tlallo and Ntlalleng – heavier, healthier, happier and back on track for a stronger childhood.

We will be the first to admit: it is bittersweet to see our healthy babies go, especially when several reunify with their families at once. However, we are proud of the strides our first twins made and are eager to see the same results with this second pair.

You are sure to see photos of their time in the Safe Home, so stay tuned for twice as much fun!