Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Moshoeshoe Day!

King Moshoeshoe I
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King Moshoeshoe I is revered in Lesotho, which goes without saying considering he was the country’s first reigning monarch. Some describe Moshoeshoe (pronounced ‘Mo-SHWAY-shway’) as a man of great wisdom, character, and diplomacy, arguably good qualities in the leader of a new nation.

Amidst the 1868 conflict against the Free State in modern day South Africa, Moshoeshoe led his people to the top of Thaba-Bosiu, the ‘Mountain at Night.’ For nine days, the mountain became a fortress against invasion as Moshoeshoe strove to find a peaceful resolution. He ultimately succeeded and today Thaba-Bosiu has become a symbol of nation building, closely associated with King Moshoeshoe himself, who is now buried there. Each year on Moshoeshoe Day Basotho travel to pay their respects to the beloved leader.

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The 11th of March commemorates the death of Moshoeshoe. As a solemn occasion, however, the holiday celebrations are small and personal to each Masotho. Many will wear traditional dress on this day; local businesses are closed; and communities may gather for a drink and good time. Around the world, Moshoeshoe Day festivities are aimed at celebrating Basotho heritage and the Sesotho language. It is also an opportunity for non-Basotho to learn a bit more about the little Mountain kingdom.

So next 11th of March, be sure to wish your friends and neighbors a Happy Moshoeshoe Day! 
Sala hantle (stay well).

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